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Monday, 8 November 2010

The nappy directory - what is it all about?

This blog was my original blog for the Nappies Covered store. It has suffered from neglect since I switched over stores, the new one supporting word press blogs where I now run my store based blog from.

I thought about deleting this one but then had a brain wave! What if I use this blog to help promote those who buy their items from me! What a great idea and what a wonderful way to spread the word on who is out there and what they are making.

A lot of my customers are work at home mums, and getting your name and product into the face of the public is I'm keeping this blog as a place to 'direct' the public to some of the best fabrics and products around...hence the name -

Nappies Covered - Nappy Directory.

I can't wait to showcase all of my talented customers. If you are one of them, send me an email at jodie @ nappiescovered . com .au (minus the spaces) and some images and we'll take it from there!

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