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Thursday, 5 May 2011

The internet is my friend

The internet is my friend.  I am sure that it is many other's too.   
Many mother’s around the world thank you, internet, for bringing them the opportunity to stay at home, work from home, to be with their children as they work.

Internet you have helped launch many a career, opened up and widened the opportunities for many, for that I thank you.
 I would like to take this opportunity to thank the parents of the internet for bringing their baby into this world.

Without the world of computers and the internet my business Nappies Covered  would not be the one it is today.  I can thank the internet for the following –

  •  Allowing me to share my newfound passion with friends, these friends who then fed my dreams of opening an online ‘shop’.
  • For allowing the possibility of setting up my ‘shop’, be it that I was then living on a sheep farm far from the city.  Who would have ever thought that a rural business, with no walk up business would boom! 
  •  For giving other like-minded people the ability to find and purchase my store, to share and create…to learn and grow. 

Thank you internet for providing inspiration and opportunities, for allowing the needs of the people to be met, for making available progress and success……and the most important thing of all…for providing the opportunity for me to stay home with my children whilst still being able to run a successful business…..what a dream!