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Friday, 30 January 2009

I almost melted!

As you know there has been a heat wave here in SA. My lovely shop, which I adore, yesterday almost killed me! There was no air conditioning. I had taken a thermometer to work with me so I keep could keep an eye on the inside temp. It got to 38 degrees C last time I checked. I still managed to pack all the orders as I melted away. If anyone finds any problems with your orders I apologise but my brain was almost all gloop! :) All mistakes will be fixed of course.

Monday, 19 January 2009

Okay, so I get a bit excited when I share new stuff!

I love finding new fabrics and sharing them with you. We also have some older goodies back in stock at last!

Mexican Oil Cloth is a brand spanking new product in our store.

Mexican Oil Cloth is a highly durable, double PVC coated fabric. 91% PVC, 6% Polyester and 3% cotton. 120cm wide, made in Mexico. The ink is printed in the first coat of PVC, not onto the fabric backing. This is then coated with a clear layer of PVC, making the oilcloth fade resistant, stain resistant and it simply wipes clean.

What can I make with it? Nappy bags Wipe bags Change Mats Mats for under highchairs Bibs Aprons Tablecloths Place mats Upholster items Reusable shopping bags 7 Great colours to choose from!

More new items in stock are - Click HERE to see the all our new stock.

Old items back in stock are -

Happy shopping and happy nappy making. Have a wonderful time gazing at all the new products :)