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Sunday, 14 November 2010

From a hobby to a work at home business

When I started my business almost 6 years ago I never imagined it would grow like it has. I never thought I was going to be a business running from home, I thought it would always remain my hobby

When I started my business, it wasn't a business - it was just a hobby.  I was selling to a few friends a product I was passionate about, I was 'sharing the love' so to speak.  It wasn't long before others shared the love too and before I knew it more and more people were requesting my items, my hobby turned into a business in a matter of weeks.

I remember my first large purchase, I spent around $500 and was quaking in my boots scared I'd made a huge mistake and I would lose all my money.

See this tub - 

I had six of these and that is what my stock was in when I first started.  I was so happy to have so much stock.  I had each tub labelled so I didn't have to dig through them to find the stock that was ordered. 

This picture below is what I have these days, not tubs but shelves and a whole warehouse full of fabric.  Since this photo has been taken my stock needs have grown once again and we are now looking at more shelving options.  If you look closely you can still see those little tubs being put to good use for smaller items!

So what is the meaning of this blog post you say?

I wanted to show others that they too can start something that is a hobby and turn that hobby into a work at home business.  You don't need much - just a passion for what you do, a few tubs and a smile on your face!

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baboo said...

Thank you jodie! This is so inspiring! Just a month ago I startet to sell some of my homemade childrens clothes, and there are new costumers coming almost every day! Sewing is just a hobby for me, but sometimes I let myself dream about turning it into a business. How wonderful wouldn't it be to sew all day!

It's in norwegian, but if you want to see some of my clothes you can go to my blog ( or to my little shop at